About Skcollob

Skcollob (Gavin Beed) has been in the music Industry since 1988 ( founder of the production Gas Works) bringing a diverse and refreshing sound and collective to the turntables of the UK. Time is now spent exploring the envelopes of sound , sound manipulation, and sound generation. Within these confines expertise is afforded towards Audio visual interpretation and implementation, Emotion derived compositions with groove or mind exploratory sequences, and Recording expertise with a creative flare and willingness to stretch the boundaries. As a musician of multiple instruments, DJ, and sound engineer, Skcollob can create, mix or manipulate any sounds that you may desire or require. With a full sound studio fully equipped with hardware, software and accoustic attenuation, Smokey Studios Uk is ready for your needs. Failing that, sit back and enjoy the sounds and audio visual work already created.
Thanks for your Interest and your support.
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"Sing a single note. Now try to recreate that sound exactly - not simply it's pitch, but it's precise volume, length, intensity, timbre, attack, and decay. Now imagine trying to repeat an entire song in this way, down to the smallest detail" Capturing Sound: Mark Katz